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Opportunity to Lead the Way – Gender Diversification and Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

Reno, Nevada will grow by an estimated 250,000 people in 2019. The rapid rate of growth also means the local population will diversify. A diversified workforce is a huge benefit to companies willing to embrace the change. Gender Diversification and Transgender Inclusion is but one way for companies to lead the way.  

Today, many companies aim to become a pillar in their community. Doing so means reaching out to those in need and taking an open-arms approach with the public. Transgender people are often among the most marginalized members of a community. The opportunity is there for organizations looking to lead the way in gender diversification and inclusion. In order to do so, companies may need to modify their human resource policies, their hiring techniques, and their office places to better include transgender people and to make them feel welcome.

According to research from UCLA’s Williams Institute, there are approximately 12,700 people who identify as transgender in Nevada. Over the past decade, numerous laws and other policies have been implemented that extend rights and protections to transgender people living in Nevada. In 2011, Nevada passed AB 211, a law preventing discrimination against people based on their gender identity or expression. However, the definition of gender adopted by the Nevada Legislature goes beyond protecting against transgender discrimination. It also prohibits discrimination based on an individual’s identity, appearance, expression or behavior as they relate to the individual’s gender. Human resource departments in Nevada should review these changes and make the necessary adjustments to their policy.  

The Human Rights Campaign has a wonderful toolkit with videos and other resources to help HR departments create a more inclusive workplace. HRC’s toolkit includes restroom access for transgender employees, tips on pronoun use and many other topics that can help employers adequately prepare for a more inclusive workplace. For a general overview of transgenderism in the workplace and, the Society for Human Resource Management has a great article about accommodating transgender employees. The article covers personal decisions made by transgender people, reaching out, bathroom policies and some do’s and don’ts.  

Additional Resources: 

Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace Toolkit PDF 

Tips for working with transgender coworkers – Transgender Law Center 

Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: Recommended Policies and Practices – Human Rights Campaign 

If you are interested in revising your practices, policies, and procedures to be more inclusive, please contact HRinDemaind.

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