Customized Employee Handbooks

Employers: Make sure legally required policies are presented to your employees in writing to avoid exposure!

Handbooks protect employers and aid in fighting unemployment claims and allegations of harassment or wrongful termination.

Handbooks are a valuable tool that business owners and managers can use to establish rules, implement legally compliant policies, and communicate expectations which hold employees accountable.

They set the stage for clear, effective communication with employees and lend professionalism to your organization while setting the tone for efficiency and capability at hire.

Beware: a poorly written handbook can harm the employer if a disgruntled employee uses it against the company. Buy a Customized Employee Handbook now!

HRinDemand’s handbook expert will help the business owner determine what to include in the customized employee handbook to avoid inconsistencies and serious potential problems while ensuring inclusion of applicable policies (depends on the number of employees) and rules preferred according to business necessity.

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