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How Does Your Company Rank in the Mind of a Qualified Candidate?

Are You Attracting and Hiring Qualified Candidates?

The unemployment rate in Reno, Nevada is the lowest it’s been since 1999. Trending right around 3% (source) makes this a tight labor market. With unemployment so low and wages moving up, workers now have more bargaining power than they have in recent years. As northern Nevada employers find themselves caught in a tight spot, one important thing to do is to ensure your company ranks high in the mind of qualified candidates. Read on to evaluate if your company is doing everything possible to ensure you are attracting and hiring qualified candidates.

Show the Candidate Why They Should Work for You

Every step in the recruiting and hiring process is an opportunity to show the candidate why they should work for you. Experienced candidates know how to search for the best companies.

Company Website

  • Does the website include a company description, vision and/or mission and core values?
  • Is there a career page that showcases why an employee should work for you?
  • What benefits does your company offer? Is there work-life flexibility?
  • Are employees an important part of creating the company’s culture and growth? How is this accomplished?


  • Are you keeping job posting sites updated with your company information? Are you including pictures and other information that is compelling to candidates?
  • When an applicant applies for a job, do you reply promptly or leave them in a void?
  • Is the process efficient and timely? Are you leveraging technology to make the process more efficient?
  • Do you have detailed, accurate job descriptions so applicants can truly understand what the job will be like?
  • Does the applicant understand the company’s hiring process?

The Interview

  • What does a candidate see when they arrive – a welcoming and comfortable workplace?
  • Do current employees enjoy working for your company?
  • Is the candidate kept waiting long past their scheduled interview time? If the interviewer is running late, is this communicated to the candidate along with an expected wait time?
  • How well trained are the interviewers and hiring managers? Do they interact well with the candidates or are they simply checking off a list of questions? Do they ask potentially illegal questions?
  • Are applicants allowed to meet with current employees to learn what it’s like to work for your company? Does the company respect the candidate and their time?

After the Interview

  • Does the applicant understand the hiring timeline? When can they expect a decision? Is there timely feedback?
  • If the applicant has additional questions do you respond promptly or ignore their email?
  • How long do you wait to extend an offer to a qualified candidate?

IMPORTANT TIP: “The right” candidates are hired quickly. Your competition knows this!

How Can Management Structure a Smooth, Professional and Effective Recruiting and Hiring Process?

Hiring the right talent can be a very time consuming and expensive process that takes your eye off your business. That’s where HRinDemand comes in. Get the administrative tasks of hiring off your desk. And even more importantly, let us help you create an impressive employer brand through social media efforts, leveraging recruiting technology and effectively spreading the word about your awesome workplace!

We will become your HR department while finding the right candidates to hire. We know that every company is unique and we structure our services to deliver what you need. Get started today, contact us now.

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