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An Opportunist’s Way to Address Turnover

How does your organization address turnover? Are you missing a crucial opportunity to assess flight risk of new and current employees? It’s ok, many of us do. But where to start?

Understand the “Why?”

Determining why previous employees have left is the best source of information. Accurately measuring this can be tricky, though, when existing employees have a variety of reasons to not fully disclose the reasons they leave. To extract the most accurate and complete set of information, follow the tips below.

Tips to Understand Why the Employee Left

  • Conduct an in-person exit interview and ask the same open-ended questions in every interview. This approach provides consistency while also allowing follow-up questions when the interviewer knows there is a need to get more detailed information from the exiting employee.
  • After each exit interview, send a brief follow-up survey to the exiting employee. Ask them if they’d like to receive the survey at their work email or their personal email. Encourage them to be authentic in their answers to the survey and guarantee them confidentiality. Also, use multiple choice, avoid pushing them to answers that reflect bias.
  • Have the employee’s manager complete the same survey.

Analyze the Findings

Once you have the data, analyze it to determine what can be done in the future to prevent flight risk of the employees you want to retain.

If you need assistance setting up your exit interview process and your survey process, HRinDemand can help.

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