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featured image HR Consultants: A Cost-Effective Option for Businesses

HR Expertise without a Full-Time HR Manager Price Tag

Working with an HR Consultant is a cost-effective option for businesses who need specialized assistance or need to fill a gap when they don’t have the resources for an on-site HR department.

As an HR Consultant, one of the most popular requests is with hiring. The Reno job market is booming and there are several businesses looking for help to fill positions with top-notch candidates. This task is never a one-off. Once employees are hired, businesses look to HR Consultants to help onboard, train and deal with small issues that pop up.

Utilizing an HR Consulting Company Is Cost-Effective. Here’s How:

HRinDemand, Reno’s premier HR Consulting Company is constantly searching for and implementing easy-to-use tools for our clients. For instance, small businesses don’t need a large, full-blown Employee Handbook. HRinDemand offers an Employee Rulebook for those employers with less than 10 employees—and it is half the cost of a full employee handbook. This way, small businesses can comply with pertinent regulations and appear professional, knowledgeable and organized from the first day a new employee starts work. Browse our products.

Every tool that can be preventative is worthwhile. Consider this: turnover can cost a company more than $50,000 in this tight employee market. With quality employees becoming increasingly more difficult to find, it pays to be prepared and thorough when dealing with employee questions, needs and requests. Too often, HR procedures are viewed as clearly “black and white,” but all issues must be considered from multiple angles and the risks weighed as employee-related decisions are made.

The upfront costs are well worth the effort and fees to avoid confusion and—even worse, litigation—later on.

Gone are the days in Northern Nevada when employees were “just lucky to have a job.” Now, employers are facing labor shortages and have a pressing need to retain their best employees. Giving the employee as much information as possible and putting a strong, professional foot forward is a great start to recruiting and retaining quality employees.

Other steps that can improve your hiring and retention:

  • Implement a new-hire orientation program that presents a thorough and exciting welcome to your company.
  • Ensure you have the right forms and written procedures in place for every situation. (When dealing with tough situations, it will be a lot easier if you have a written policy to reference.)

The professionals at HRinDemand understand small business and the unique needs of companies with a smaller workforce—which is why our approach is to advise instead of force our recommendations. We focus on practical thinking with management’s perspective and operational needs in mind when analyzing HR issues. Browse our services.

The team at HRinDemand is passionate about the business of people and the success of small business – how can we help you succeed?  Contact us at HRinDemand to start the conversation.

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