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13 Reasons Your Company Needs an Employee Handbook

Employee Handbooks protect employers and aid in the fight of unemployment claims, allegations of harassment and wrongful termination. A comprehensive employee handbook sets the stage for clear, effective communication with employees and lends professionalism to your organization. Below are 13 Reasons your company needs an employee handbook.

13 Reasons Your Company Needs an Employee Handbook

  1. Communicates your company’s expectations of employees
  2. Gives your company a sense of professionalism and efficiency
  3. Establishes and communicates legally compliant company policies based on company size, industry requirements and other applicable laws
  4. Ensures consistency in delivering company policies to employees
  5. Provides a methodology for documenting that employees received and understand the policies
  6. Helps avoid inconsistencies in management and treatment of employees
  7. Aids in fighting unemployment claims and allegations of harassment or wrongful termination
  8. Summarizes employee benefits
  9. Outlines acceptable time off and leaves of absence
  10. Discusses compensation guidelines and reimbursement policies
  11. Outlines confidentiality requirements
  12. Defines conflicts of interest
  13. Describes social media and internet policies

Comprehensive Employee Handbooks: A Minimum Investment that Limits Your Exposure

Comprehensive employee handbooks are a valuable tool that business owners and managers can use to establish rules, implement legally compliant policies, and communicate expectations which hold employees accountable. Work with the professionals at HRinDemand to customize a comprehensive employee handbook. The minimal investment is the best way to limit your exposure and ensure that your company policies are clear, enforceable and trackable.

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