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Balancing your Home Life and Work-Life has Never Been More Important

With the pandemic coming to a slow, people are being asked to come back to work. When they were working from home for the last year there was no real difference between work and home life. Having to go back into the office will allow people to have that differential. But how do you go from home life and work life being one and the same to having them be completely different? Here are some things that employers can do or have already implemented. To read more about this information go to the original source here.

How Employers can Improve Worker Well-Being

Working in an office and the work environment is the leading cause of stress. There are some ways that employers can reduce the likelihood of a stressful work experience.

The Work and Well-Being Initiative, a joint effort between Harvard and MIT started in 2018, identified three main principles for improving well-being among workers: Allowing employees more control over their work, taming excessive work demands, and improving social relationships in the workplace. (Source)

Making sure that employees aren’t overloaded or taking on so much work that they’re always stressed out, pays off for both workers and companies. Excessive work demands, like long hours and pressure to work fast, have proven negative impacts on physical and mental health. (Source)

And because workers who are sick or struggling with stress are less productive, ensuring their well-being also benefits a company’s bottom line.

How Companies have Worked to Improve Employee Well-Being

While some companies have prioritized worker satisfaction for years with strategies like those outlined above, others have responded especially well to the shift in conditions brought about by the pandemic. (Source)

Companies who have looked at what worked for them over this last year with many people working from home have seen a positive change. There are some things such as flexible hours or working fewer days in a week that show employees are benefiting. More work is being done during the time they are working leaving less overflowing into the next day.

That concept of the 4-day workweek has grown increasingly popular, with big companies like Panasonic and Bolt recently joining a swelling number of U.S. tech firms adopting the reduced schedule. Countries including Iceland, Belgium, and Spain have also tried shorter workweeks, with promising results. (Source)

Source: Kumar, Naveen. “How to Create a Real Work-Life Balance.” Healthline, Healthline Media, 9 Mar. 2022, https://www.healthline.com/health/workplace-health/better-work-life-balance

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