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Holiday Greetings From HRinDemend

The HRinDemand team wishes you a wonderful holiday!

This time of year, with New Year’s rapidly approaching, let’s reflect on the year that has nearly passed. 2020 certainly proved to be trying and challenging for all. This was especially true back in March, when many businesses were forced to shut their doors, resulting in mass job loss and understandable panic.

As Human Resource Consultants, we know just how vital it is to maintain business operations and employment for your team. It’s a considerable duty. We deeply empathize with everyone currently meeting challenges during these extenuating circumstances. In case you have not accessed it, please check out our Covid-19 Resource Page for up-to-date documentation of both local and national resources that we have compiled to serve those in our community.

On the bright side of things, it is finally that special time of year where we enter into the magical time of the holidays. People are getting into the holiday spirit, and merriness and cheer still abound, even in the face of a pandemic. It is inspiring how our communities here in Nevada have pulled together and pooled resources.

Despite it, all Nevadans seem almost more close-knit and compassionate, which is genuinely heart-warming. To pull together as a community is important, especially in the face of this crisis.

So, from all of us at HRinDemand.com, we wish you and your families a safe and merry holiday full of cheer, warmth, and most importantly hope.

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