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Employee Handbook Updates Needed for 2022

An employee handbook is an important tool you can use to effectively communicate information regarding your company’s policies, practices, and employee benefits. A well-written handbook sets forth your expectations for your employees and describes what they can expect from your company. For small companies, putting together an employee handbook can be a small feat but it’s worth it. When onboarding a new employee, it acts as one of your first official communications to the employees. It should be up-to-date, detailed, and well written.

Yes, we all wish the employee handbook was a one-and-done deal but it’s not. Especially this year. There are some specific updates that need to be made across the board to all employee handbooks. Beyond that, certain states also require special modifications to ensure policies are up-to-date. We’ve done our best to list a few below. For a comprehensive review of your 2022 employee handbook, contact the experts at HRinDemand, your total people solution.

Across the Board Changes

Emergency and Evacuation Procedures that Changed for Covid

Covid-19 Vaccination Policies

Remote-Work Rules

Flexible Schedule Requests

Evolving Leave Policies – Paid vs. Unpaid Leave (varies by state)

Wages and Overtime Policies (varies by state)

State-by-State Changes

California – need wording changes for the equal employment statement

Colorado – requires a paid sick leave policy

Oregon – requires no harassment and discrimination policy and an update to the lactation break policy

Washington – requires pregnancy accommodations and paid sick leave policies

Nevada – added “discrimination on the basis of traits associated with race, such as hair texture and protective hairstyles (such as natural hairstyles, afros, bantu knots, curls, braids, locks and twists” to their anti-discrimination laws

In general, it’s important to include policies on workplace security, employee benefits and leave, and other essential provisions in employee handbooks. Topics covered include OSHA compliance, hazardous weather, computers and technology, COBRA, FMLA, and more.

HRinDemand’s handbook experts can help business owners determine what to include in their employee handbook.

Purchase a Handbook Audit or Have HRinDemand Create a Customized Employee Handbook For Your Business

Melissa Marsh, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is a human resources consultant and founder of HRinDemand, a human resources company in Reno, NV, offering expert guidance and easy-to-use tools to help small businesses with employment regulations, compliance, employee relations, and company growth.