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Avoid Unintentional Missteps in the Hiring Process – Part 5: Onboarding

It’s done! You hired somebody and now it’s their first day on the job. Contribute to their success by having a well-planned onboarding system.

Tip #5: Onboarding the New Employee

Onboarding is often the most overlooked aspect of hiring. The crucial first days of work can ensure that new employees are effective in their new position. But, in order to be successful, the employer needs to have an onboarding plan. Having one will make a positive impression with the new hire and help them become engaged in the company’s success.

Onboarding begins after the offer letter has been accepted. Reach out to the new employee before their first day. Let them know when they should arrive, where to park and the typical dress code.

The Four C’s of Onboarding

1. Compliance
Employee handbooks should be delivered on the first day. Employees need to know what the workplace rules are. This will help everyone feel comfortable because they know what is expected of them.

2. Clarification
Review the duties of the job. Most importantly, review how success will be measured. If the employee is expected to make 10 calls each day, let them know and show them where to track their progress.

3. Culture
Company culture can easily be defined in the organization’s values, mission, and vision statement. Put that in the Employee Handbook. Also, remind existing employees of the culture before the new person starts as their actions will speak loudly toward the overall culture.

4. Connections
Make an announcement and properly welcome a new employee. Introductions can help your staff build relationships which will be an important aspect in a collaborative environment.

Beyond the Four C’s of onboarding, make sure the day to day items are set up and ready to roll. The employee should have a desk and an email already set up. Test that their computer is working and the software they are expected to use is running. This will show them that you anticipated their arrival and want their first day to run as smoothly as possible.

Assign the new employee a mentor. Having a person to go to for questions and support is instrumental in the onboarding process. All of this increases the employee’s positive experiences resulting in higher retention rates.

If you need help creating an onboarding process, please reach out.
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