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At HRinDemand, we understand that without our clients, we are nowhere.  We appreciate them tremendously.  It’s a sincere compliment when they tell us we have served them well.

We’ve been working with Melissa and the team from HRinDemand for several of years now. As a company that’s growing both organically, and through geographic expansion, it’s vitally important that we attract and retain great people. Involving HRinDemand early and directly in our candidate evaluation process yields a superior candidate slate for JSC. And, we consistently hear that the interface with HRinDemand enhances the image of JSC for our applicants. HRinDemand also provides us with valuable guidance on employment matters to ensure that we are compliant with the evolving regulatory landscape.

HRinDemand has helped us understand employer regulations and directed our procedures to be current. As a nonprofit entity we have to be mindful of the bottom line, and Melissa has helped us implement necessary initiatives in a cost efficient way.

As business owners, we get peace of mind with HRinDemand addressing complex employment issues that we couldn’t handle ourselves.  We receive easy-to-use templates that are understandable and applicable to what we need for managing our employee processes.  Melissa is available and responsive when I need HR services with follow-up that is prompt and conveniently timed to fit into our schedules. Using the services that HRinDemand offers is easy and valuable to our Practice.

Whether calling with a quick question about our employees or assisting with our Safety Program, HRinDemand is a great resource. I appreciate the customer focus and quick turn-around that I always receive.

Our organization isn’t big enough for a full-time HR professional but still we need assistance to maintain compliance with legal necessities and implementing programs for our employees. Melissa Marsh has been an integral part of our team at a fraction of the cost of an HR Director. She is dedicated and professional while understanding our organization’s unique needs. Her experience and expertise in HR has proven very valuable, and we enjoy working with her. I recommend the services of HRinDemand.

HRinDemand has assisted my company with Human Resource issues. Most importantly, assisting to ensure our company is compliant with all relevant employment laws and a tremendous resource in navigating our way through issues that have emerged as our company has grown. Whether your company is small or large you can have the confidence that HRinDemand knows the practice of HR and stays up-to-date on the ever-changing Human Resources industry.

Melissa at HRinDemand helped me hire two qualified candidates while saving me an enormous amount of time by placing ads, screening resumes, pre-screening candidates who appeared qualified, and sending me a synopsis of the candidate before I contacted them for an interview. If I was interested in proceeding, she provided a consultant who provided job suitability testing and background checks. She also contacted their references and provided a synopsis of the information received. The entire process was focused on meeting my needs and was much more economical than using a contingent fee-based recruiter.

As we embark upon a new year I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding vendor performance.  You have amazing business and people skills and we could not have developed our critical HR deliverables without your expertise and support.  Due to your professional consulting (and patience!) we now have a comprehensive Managers Manual  including our Employee Handbook,  Security Procedures, Hiring Procedures, Job Descriptions, Performance Evaluations, HR Audit Guidelines and more.  Thank you for the great support and we look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Melissa Marsh of HRinDemand has truly been a life saver. She has transformed my small business by helping me hire, train, and retain the best people. She has been instrumental in increasing performance levels for my team and is my go-to person for any HR questions that arise. I have used HRinDemand in various roles; they have helped me with recruiting and the interview process, have revised my staff handbook, and have helped with difficult performance issues that have arisen over the past several years. Melissa has helped me stay compliant with HR documents and has been an effective partner in managing my team. I would highly recommend HRinDemand and Melissa Marsh for any business looking to systematically change their current HR functions or just looking to revitalize their team. HRinDemand is a wonderful consulting team!

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