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Manager and Employee Training – Why?

Managers & Employees Not Trained…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
By: Melissa Marsh, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Training is often low on a company’s priority list…then there’s a problem…and then it’s too late. Avoid the need for damage control by ensuring your most valuable assets understand their roles and responsibilities. Managers and employees are often unaware that their actions may lead to big problems. Consider these questions when you are determining whether or not you need training in your organization:

  • Did a manager violate a Nevada or Federal employment law?
  • Did a manager ignore an employee when the employee mentioned that they hurt themselves on the job? If the manager didn’t ignore it, did they handle it correctly?
  • Did a manager neglect to offer leave under FMLA or ADA when an employee may have needed it?
  • Are managers asking illegal questions when interviewing candidates?
  • How do managers and employees resolve conflict?
  • How do managers effectively handle and document performance management issues?
  • When a new employee has been hired, how is onboarding handled?
  • Are I-9s and other new-hire paperwork completed correctly and will they hold up under a governmental audit?

Do you want to enhance individual and team performance and improve communication skills? This doesn’t happen automatically, it requires training.

Reasons to Implement a Training Program

Management and employee training is a vital aspect of any business because employees are an important asset with high-value potential. Investing in leadership education steadily increases success of any organization while furthering protection of a key company asset – its employees. Informed, educated leaders take organizations in the right direction while avoiding liability and negative reputation impact.

HRinDemand customizes training and development to each company’s needs — one size does not fit all!

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